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Ok people here is a small look at kite surfing in Tarifa. Kite surfing is a fantastic sport using the wind and the water to achieve freedom and self expression escaping from everyday problems of life. The sport of kite surfing is still growing fast and will be seen on Tarifa's beaches for at least 15 years if not more, in this magazine we have collected ideas on safety to keep kiting enjoyable for everybody.

Tarifa is a safe place for kitesurfing due to its great beaches with no buildings behind or near them, however in recent years there have been many serious accidents caused by kite surfers who have pushed themselves beyond their level of ability, not worrying about other users of the beach, showing off in front of an audience or just being stupid with the kite.
There have been many accidents to people who had nothing to do with kite surfing. This is patently unfair, because everyone has the right to enjoy the beach. But beware, as a general rule always try to stay on the downwind side of the kites. The kite will always fall when you remove the wind, stay away from the ropes and bars, the only way to stop a runaway kite is not taking one's own kite strings or rods.
Everyone who wants to learn kite surfing has to join a beginners course as it is the only way to learn safely. The kite may seem easy but the first steps are extremely difficult. There are plenty of tricks and tips that a good instructor could give you, sign up!

To prepare the kite on the beach requires plenty of space. People who practice kitesurfing tend to stay in a group, but with the exception of the kite zones in summer, there is no special need to group together. The beaches in Tarifa are enormous and there is plenty of room for everyone and their kites. Prepare well and place the kite in the sand as it is easier for you to just have to keep in mind one thing, put sand on top of the kite to stop it from flying off if the wind picks up or changes direction. Lowering the kite onto the sand is also a surprisingly simple process although some kitesurfers manage to complete this process badly and wreak havoc on the beach. To lower the kite better find someone who knows about kites and only when the kite is flying, and supported by his/her own weight can ask for the kite to be released.

Once in the water, kitesurfing is a great sport that does not require much physical strength. The big jumps, riding the waves and a few other more complex tricks can be achieved within a few months of starting to kitesurf. Normally in the water kitesurfers respect each other, helping if necessary. However there is almost always a negative attitude towards beginners who have little space for their activities. Be careful also with non-professional kiters who think they can show off their tricks before an audience does not exist and only one metre from the beachfront. These surfers are not usually very good at controlling their kites. They also often cause problems when mixed with windsurfers, kitesurfers, the four or five feet of the masts of the windsurfers make this a very dangerous, as the strings of the kites can roll up. The kitesurfer should respect the beaches for windsurfers as well as the other way around. The general rules for safe kitesurfing are to know your own limits, be aware if the winds get stronger or change direction and leave the other kitesurfers enough space to practice safely.


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  • 670324142

    poligono industrial la vega 207, 11380 Tarifa

  • 670324142

    C/ Batalla del Salado,41 11380 Tarifa

  • We offer kitesurfing lessons, not packages, this time, you pay for what you want. - Only small groups, max 2 people- Radio Helmet Coaching - 100 % money back guaranteeSafety and quality are our priority

  • Shaper, designer and manufacturer: Ovidio Saiz ArbiolOvidio is one of the "locals" that has lived the longest in Tarifa, as well as being one of the most respected.In his Workshop you can find...

    630 922 951 / 956 627 105

    C/ Batalla de Salado, 7 11380 TARIFA

  • Tarifa Max kiteschool since 1998Tarifa Max Kitesurfing School has been giving kitesurfing courses since 1998 and we are the school with the most experience and have developed techniques to ensure you learn...

    +34 696558227

    Tienda Mala Mujer Living, Calle Batalla del Salado S/N, 11380 Tarifa (Cadiz).

  • The professional kitesurfing school HOTSTICK disposes of qualified instructors (FAV, IKO, VDWS) with years of experience in teaching kitesurfing, who will teach you this exciting sport under complete safety...

    +34 956680419 / +34 647155516

    Calle Batalla del Salado 41

  • Learn kitesurfing in Tarifa with mayabari premium kiteschool. Personal Training for Kiteboarding in Tarifa. Best kitesurfing training with radio helmets, new ozone kites equipment, civil and accident insurance,...

    +34 684 362 449

    Playa Los Lances. Playa Valdevaqueros. Tarifa.

  • Surf material, windsurf, and kitesurf. Kitesurf school.

    +34 956 68 52 04 / +34 605 031 880

    Batalla del Salado, 47

  • 615683051

    Calle La Linea de la Concepción 204// Poligono Industrial La Vega 11380. Tarifa (cádiz)

  • 956 23 63 52

    Playa de Valdevaqueros CN 340 km. 75,5 11380 Tarifa (Cádiz)

  • 680 13 77 30

    Carretera Nacional 340, km 79, 11380 Tarifa, Cádiz

  • +34 620 891 399

    C/ Batalla del Salado s/n (frente estación autobuses), 11380 Tarifa

  • 654492693

    Camping Valdevaqueros, Carreta Nacional 340, km - 75.5, 11380 Tarifa, Cádiz

  • 0034 691 288 784

    App 1D, Calle Bailén, 42, 11380 Tarifa, Cádiz

  • (+34) 616 185 651 / 956 683 073

    Mar Adriatico, 14, 11380 Tarifa, Cádiz

  • +34 956 62 72 71 / +34 606 717 883

    Calle Mar Adriatico 24, Tarifa, 11380

  • KTS (Kite Tarifa School) is Tarifa's first Kite surfing school. They have lots of experience in Kite lessons, as well as english, italian and french speaking kite surfing instructors.

    956 684 147 / 630 636 919

    Calle Mar Adriatico 26 Tarifa, Cadiz

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