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Andalusian gastronomy is characterised by its simplicity. Dishes are not known for their elaborate creation, but for their savoury seasoning of Mediterranean products.

The popular Gazpacho Andaluz embodies the most healthy ingredients in Mediterranean cooking; plates of Pescaito Frito (assortment of fried fish), Cocido Andaluz (typical stew), Rabo de Toro (tail of bull) or Papas Aliñá (seasoned potatoes), can't help but being wiped clean by pieces of local bread.

A charming and ingenious example of Andalusian cuisine is to be found in our popular and unique Tapas.

In Tarifa, besides the typical food, there are many more culinary options from other countries and cultures. You will taste the originality and mastery of chefs and enjoy the exotic and savoury aromas.

Some places you should not miss during your stay in Tarifa are the Hotel Arte Vida Miramar restaurant, (most expensive, but absolutely delicious), the Souk Restaurant, ("fusion" food, whatever that is, we like it, and for pizza "El Pomodoro". There are plenty of other great restaurants and hidden away places to eat in Town, let us know if you have some special suggestion.


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  • Tel: 956680066

    Urb. Vista Paloma 46

  • Guzmán el Bueno, 16

  • Tel: 956 68 85 06

    Carretera del Lentiscal, 1A, 11391 Bolonia, Cádiz

  • Tel: 856 910 944

    Avenida Perez Villalta nº 68 11380 tarifa, España

  • Tel: 856929349

    C/ Coronel Moscardo nº 4

  • Tel: 655593102

    Carretera N-340 km. 81

  • Moroccan and international food.Besides the kind and friendly treatment that the customer receives; you can feel a sense of magic in the mixture of aromas, the elaboration of culinary delights, the array...

    Tel: Bar: 956 680 708 Restaurante: 956 627 065

    Calle Mar Tirreno, 64

  • It is located in the Huerta del Rey, just accross the road from the Guardia Civil

    Tel: 956 681 144

    c/ Mariano Vinuesa, s/n

  • Tel: 697 245 054

    Guzmán el Bueno, 14

  • Tel: +34 956681997

  • Tel: 685 857 005

    Calle de Sancho IV 'El Bravo', 21

  • Tel: 956927124

    calle San Francisco 6

  • Tel: 687 85 88 66

    Calle de Guzmán 'El Bueno', 11380 Tarifa, España

  • Tel: 956 680 330 y 956 680 013

    Carretera Nacional 340, 11380 Tarifa, España

  • Tel: 956 62 72 68

    Plaza de San Martín, 11380 Tarifa, España

  • Tel: 856 106 487

    Av de Andalucía, 25, 11380 Tarifa, España

  • Tel: 956 627 307

    Calle Guzman el Bueno, 5, 11380 Tarifa, Cádiz, España

  • Tel: 956 68 50 92

    C/ Peso n°6 ( junto a la Puerta de Jerez)

  • Tel: 956 68 49 65

    C/ Pintor Guillermo Perez Villalta 64 L3, Urb. Los Lances II, 11380 Tarifa, Cádiz

  • Calle de San Sebastián, 6, 11380 Tarifa, España

  • Tel: 956 68 09 13

    Av. Fuerzas Armadas, 15 11380 Tarifa, España

  • Tel: 956 68 11 28

    Calle de la Cruz Roja, 11380 Tarifa, Cádiz

  • Tel: 956 681 914

    Av de las Fuerzas Armadas, 13, 11380 Tarifa, España

  • Calle de Cervantes, 6 11380 Tarifa, España

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