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Useful phone numbers

Useful phone numbers

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  • Hello beautiful people Welcome to the Good Fit Project launch event in beautiful Tarifa! We are a team of passionate fitness professionals who run health and fitness events. Our next retreat will be held...

    Tel: +447490474999


  • Office for Caja Madrid in Tarifa

    Tel: 956 627 609 902 246 810

    c/ Batalla del Salado, 1

  • Pharmacy, on the Nacional 340, specializes in homeopathic treatments.

    Tel: 956 680 584

    N-340, km.77

  • Caja Rural in Tarifa

    Tel: 956 684 344

    c/ Batalla del Salado, 4

  • Cajasol Office in Tarifa

    Tel: 956 684 151

    c/ Nuestra Señora de la Luz, 4

  • Savings bank

    Tel: 956 684 063

    Avda. Andalucía, 1

  • Office in Tarifa

    Tel: 956 685 350

    c/ Batalla del salado, 4

  • Tel: 956 684 125

    c/ Batalla del Salado, 55

  • Tel: 956 682 926

    Avda. Fuerzas Armadas, 5

  • Tel: 956577060

    Calle de la Batalla del Salado, 5, 11380 Tarifa, España

  • Tel: 956684907

    Calle de la Batalla del Salado, 17, 11380 Tarifa, España

  • In this pharmacy you can benefit from professional pharmaceutic help and from daily treatment. You will receive professional advice in the fields of diet, cosmetics, homeopathy and phytotherapy (herbal...

    Tel: 956 680 561

    Batalla del Salado, 22

  • In this pharmacy you will be greeted with friendly advice on any doubt or need that you may require regarding all types of medication.

    Tel: 956 684 109

    c/ Ntra. Sra. de La Luz, 24

  • Post Office in Tarifa, right by the Iglesia Mayor de San Mateo.

    Tel: 956 684 237

    C/ Coronel Moscardó, 9

  • Pharmacy in the historic city center of Tarifa.

    Tel: 956 684 210

    c/ Sancho IV el Bravo, 10

  • Santander Office in Tarifa

    Tel: 956 684 907

    c/ Batalla del Salado, 17

  • La Caixa Office in Tarifa

    Tel: 956 577 060 956680590

    c/ Batalla del Salado, 5

  • Pharmacy in Facinas

    Tel: 956 687 210

    c/ Constitución, 26

  • Consulate of the Federal Republic of Germany in Sevilla, at two hours from Tarifa. In Malaga, at two hours also in the other direction, there is also another consulate.

    Tel: 954 230 204

    Paseo de la Palmera, 19 Edificio Winterthur

  • Consulate of Holland in Algeciras, 20 km from TarifaIn Cadiz, on the Avda. Ramon de Carranza, there is another consulate

    Tel: 956 656 355

    C/ Teniente Maroto, 2

  • ConsulateTitle: Royal Danish Consulate in Málaga Address 1: Avenida Dr. Jerónimo Garriga, 23 (bajo) Province: Benalmádena Local: Málaga Postal Code: 29639 Telephone: 952448450 Fax: 952448451

    Tel: 956 572 545

    Paseo de la Conferencia, 11

  • British Consulate in Cadiz, at only 105 km from Tarifa

    Tel: 956 264 479

    Avda. Ramón de Carranza, 27

  • Consulate of Belgium in Rota, Cadiz, at 135 km from Tarifa. Also in Malaga, at c/ Compositor Lehmberg, 5, there is another consulate.

    Tel: 956 810 516

    Hotel Playa de la Luz

  • Italian Consulate in Algeciras, at 20 km from Tarifa. In Cadiz, on the c/ San Jose, there is another consulate.

    Tel: 956 631 965

    Avenida Virgen del Carmen, 9

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