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Things to do

Things to do in Tarifa. Even though it is not a big city, Tarifa has a lot to offer and there are a thousand things to do to keep you from being bored. Although wind sports are the main attraction, there are attractions for all tastes such as a cinema festival, unique shops and rural tourism.

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Here there is a lot to keep you entertained, there is no doubt about that. Have a look through our activities or sports section and you will see that fresh air will complement your holiday well.

The character in Tarifa is defined mainly by it's coastline. So the first thing that you can do is relax on one of the beaches such as the Valdevaqueros, Los Lances or Bolonia.

The strong easterly wind that blows in this area makes it one of the most privileged areas for surfing and sports such as kite-surfing. There are courses available so that beginners can have a go as well.

There are also classes available for other sports such as climbing. In San Bartolo there are around 250 climbing routes to choose from. If we are talking about outdoor sports then we must not forget hiking, Tarifa boasts two Natural Parks, Estrecho and Los Alcornocales, it is an area that attracts a lot of people from urban areas and big hotels and they prefer rural tourism.

There is a lot to offer such as a visit to the Baelo Claudia archaeological site; a walk through the Los Algarbes Necropolis, and yes it is possible as well to take a walk through some of the caves and view the cave art; there is also an exit into the countryside to go hiking or mountain biking; a trail through the old town to see the Arab legacy: the castle, the structure of the streets, the walls...;a trip to Morocco, which is only 14 kilometers away is also available for you to experience another culture... and, of course, the beaches in Tarifa, traverse the kilometers and kilometers of white sand with clean and clear water.

The importance of surfing in Tarifa is also reflected through the fashion. If you go shopping on the Batalla del Salado street you will find a lot of local Tarifa brands offering innovative designs not only clothes but also accessories to practice this sport. There is also the presence of international makes.

For those that are more attracted by the culture, in May there is a unique event which is known as the bridge between African and Spanish cinema. The African Cinema festival in Tarifa is a unique opportunity to view productions from this continent which are not very easily accessible. The number of spectators at this event normally rises above 15,000 and it can be said to be one of the most renowned events out of all the cinema festivals.

Going back to the relationship between the town and the sea, Tarifa is also a perfect location for you to take a boat trip due to it's strategic position between the Mediterranean and the Atlantic. Sailing on the Andalusian coast towards the Costa del Sol or on the Costa de la Luz towards the Algarve is exciting. The only problem is the strong currents on the Strait require the captain to be well prepared. To solve this problem you can reserve a boat that has a captain.

If you prefer a short trip, there are a lot of offers for whale watching trips. Unless there is a strong wind these trips go daily. They leave from the port on a boat which will show you the most precious treasures of the Strait which are not easy to see from land. On the trip you will catch sight of whales and dolphins.

On the other hand, Tarifa is not far from other important cities in Andalusia that are worth a visit if you have not been before. Amongst these cities are Ronda, Cadiz, Malaga and Seville.

Here we have shown you some possible leisure activities, but these are not all of the activities offered. Let yourself be taken by the southern air and you can find a thousand attractions for you to enjoy yourself.

The diversity of things that you can do in a small city such as Tarifa make for an unforgettable experience.


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  • 670324142

    C/ Batalla del Salado,41 11380 Tarifa

  • 670324142

    poligono industrial la vega 207, 11380 Tarifa

  • Experience the excitement of sailing the beautiful waters of Tarifa among dolphins and whales.Reserve your place to see whales and dolphins in Tarifa. You will enjoy as never before the Marine Mammal Watching...

    956 683 109

  • Foundation to protect, research and inform about whales & dolphins

    +34 956 627 008 / +34 619 459 441

    C/ Pedro Cortés, 4 11380 Tarifa

  • Whale Watch España es una asociación cuya finalidad es la protección y avistamiento de cetáceos en libertad.Whale Watching consiste en salir en barco a observar los delfines y ballenas en libertad. En...

    956 627 013 y 956 682 247 / 639 476 544

    Avenida de la Constitución 6, 11380 Tarifa (Cadiz)

  • Reserve your tennis lessons today with a trainer in Tarifa. You can practice tennis, your favorite sport, in Tarifa. The classes are led by an instructor with over 30 years experience. Chris Funke will...



  • girasol-adventure + more, the outdoorspecialist in Tarifa. With our local knowledge we can guide you to enjoy the most beautiful possibilities for rockclimbing, trekking, mountainbiking, tennis and riding.Special...

    +34 956 627 037

    Calle Colon 12, Tarifa

  • "Palmar Surf"©, is a pattented and registered brand.Surf school recognized by: Delegación de Turismo de la Junta de Andalucía), A.S.I. (Academy of Surfing Instructors), F.E.S. (Federación española...

    +34 956232137/ +34 628 819 352

    Ctra. Conil-Los Caños KM 6,5.(A-2233).El Palmar.

  • At the Hurricane, you can rent a pure bred Andalusian horse and explore the beaches in Tarifa. We also organize excursions on horseback for several days.

    +34/956 689 092

    CN340, Km 78 11380 Tarifa

  • The last surfshop on the almost never ending Batalla del Salado, Big Fish Tarifa awaits you with a big range of sails and sportive clothes.

    618-650-618 / 618-650-496

    Batalla del Salado 86 (enfrente de la gasolinera Repsol)

  • If surfing and kitesurfing don’t excite you, and you’re spending some time in Tarifa, maybe you’d enjoy seeing Tarifa in another way…Reserve a guided bicycle routes in the area around...

    956 683 109

  • girasol outdoorcompany adventure + moreIndividual hikes in Tarifa: explore the natural beauty of the Natureparks in and around Tarifa with the famous cork-Oaktrees,pines, rivers, dunes or hike on old smugglers...

    +34 956 627 037

    C/ Colón, 12 Tarifa

  • Shaper, designer and manufacturer: Ovidio Saiz ArbiolOvidio is one of the "locals" that has lived the longest in Tarifa, as well as being one of the most respected.In his Workshop you can find...

    630 922 951 / 956 627 105

    C/ Batalla de Salado, 7 11380 TARIFA

  • The girasol-tennis-school is runed by Chris, experienced coach and tournament player. You play at the artificial gras-sand court of the Hotel Dos Mares, located directly at the beach, also with a cosy...

    +34 956 627 037

    C/ Colón 12, Tarifa

  • We offer kitesurfing lessons, not packages, this time, you pay for what you want. - Only small groups, max 2 people- Radio Helmet Coaching - 100 % money back guaranteeSafety and quality are our priority

  • girasol outdoorcompany adventure + more.Adventureshop with climbingmaterial (shoes, helmets, ropes, harnesses,carabines), adventure and bike gear, books.Bike rentalSpecialist for outdooractivities in Tarifa...

    +34 956 627 037

    C/ Colón 12, tarifa

  • Tarifa Max kiteschool since 1998Tarifa Max Kitesurfing School has been giving kitesurfing courses since 1998 and we are the school with the most experience and have developed techniques to ensure you learn...

    +34 696558227

    Tienda Mala Mujer Living, Calle Batalla del Salado S/N, 11380 Tarifa (Cadiz).

  • Saturday, 22 of November - 22:30 Conert of Santa Cecilia care of the Municipal Music Band. In the Church of San Mateo.Sunday, 21 of Dicember - 20:30Christmas Carol Concert care of Coral y Rondalla from...

    956 684 689

    c/ Amor de Dios, 3

  • The professional kitesurfing school HOTSTICK disposes of qualified instructors (FAV, IKO, VDWS) with years of experience in teaching kitesurfing, who will teach you this exciting sport under complete safety...

    +34 956680419 / +34 647155516

    Calle Batalla del Salado 41

  • The Andalusian is one of the oldest breeds of horses in the world today. It is also known as the Purebred Spanish Horse or PRE (Pura Raza Española; in English, Pure Spanish-bred). It is one of the two...

    Carretera Nacional 340, Entrada Punta Paloma. K.m 74

  • Enjoy Tarifa's beaches! This is without a doubt the first advice we would give you! Tarifa has a great number of beaches that run from Los Lances Beach up to Atlanterra Beach. They have a wild, untouched...

    Los Lances

  • It was built in the year 960 by order of Abderrman the 3rd, and was declared a Cultural Monument in 1949.

    956 680 993 (Oficina de Turismo) 956 684 689 (Área de Cultura)

    c/ Guzmán El Bueno, s/n

  • Roman ruins that date back to 100 BC. They are considered the ruins of one of the largest metropolises of its time.

    956 68 85 30


  • Los Lances Sur is an excellent beach for the practice of windsurf because of its ideal wind conditions, as well as equipment and services in the area. This is an urban beach in Tarifa.

    Los Lances Sur

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